Ethics in AI is a hot topic
How can corporations navigate this topic?

Our answer is a course called 'Addressing Bias Via Analytics.'
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Competitive Intelligence

What are the most common use cases within my industry?
What does an analytics enabled operations transformation look like?
How can my firm differentiate itself?
Which use cases are my firm best positioned to deliver?
How can I stay current with academia?
Can inucumbents compete? Is this worth our time?

Data as a strategic asset

Can I build a new business with my or others' data?
How can I understand what data I have and opportunities to leverage it?

Commitment and delivery of new products

How do I raise interest and generate demand for a use case?
How do I ensure the product will be used by future stakeholders / future users?

Cutting edge algorithmic methods

What are the must know set of analytics methods?



What are the primary cost drivers to analytics initiatives?
How can I de-risk my projected spend? How can I sleep better at night?
How do I decide to build in house or out-source?


How do I get oriented to the current IT tool landscape (platform, cloud, etc.)?
How do I get pricing benchmarks?

Internal Capability Building

Can you show me examples of analytics centers of excellence (COEs)?
What are the most common titles and roles that support the data and analytics function?
How do I hire analytics talent? What are the salary bands?
How do I know if my internal group is performing? What metrics do exist?

Business Self Serve Model

What is the self-service model?

External Data Acquisition

What external data is available to me?
Who are the vendors?

External Resources

How do I get smart on the analytics vendors available to me? How do I assess their skill level?
How do I manage an analytics vendor?


Execution Risk

How can I manage a project once I have committed budget to it?
Can you show me commonly used operating models?

Data Governance

What are key considerations for proper data governance?

Analysis Risk

How do I know when to get involved in the analytics process?
What tools exist to allow me to stress test the product? How do I trust it?

Data Risk

How can I inspect the data?
How do I know the data is relevant?

Reliance on experts

How do I independently assess the skills of experts that I rely on?
How do I know if my CDO is at the level of industry peers?
What do my experts (lawyers, social media managers, HR leaders, etc.) need to know?

Audit and Compliance

What is interpretable vs explainable?
Is using open-source software a concern?

Unity of Mission

How do I get my business team, operations team, IT team, etc. all on the same page?

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